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Technology Strategy

We are always keen about using the right technology that suits best for the business behaviors of our clients. We have experts in various technologies for web based systems, database systems, operating system environments, web servers, system/application software development, network administration and graphics design. Choosing the right technology is based on various parameters like nature of the business, cost of the project, future of the project, ease of management and maintenance expenses

  • Web Scripts

    Web Scripts drive small businesses online.

    Web Scripts

    Web Scripts drive small businesses online. They either offer support or they become the business model of the business. Our web scripts are primarily coded in PHP and we offer over 20 e-business web scripts Our army of developers and leadership are focused on bringing you competitive business opportunities that allow you to thrive in your market.

  • Cloud & SaaS

    Low cost, high quality cloud based services

    Saas Applications & Hosting

    Saas models offer a cloud based high quality product at affordable subscription prices that can be accessed from anywhere. Nesote has invested in bringing you services that drive your business forward.

  • Mobile Apps

    Custom Apps for Mobile Environment

    Mobile Apps Development

    We work on native and cross-platform app development for custom projects. We undertake challenging projects and bring ideas to life.

  • Nesote Framework

    MVC framework developed in our labs.

    Nesote Framework

    Nesote Framework is a MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework developed in our labs. It is a lightweight, secure, portable and powerful framework used to develop web based software. This framework has been developed in PHP. Nesote framework helps us to develop large projects with very low maintenance cost.

  • Database Systems

    MS-SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, DB2 and Postgre SQL

    Database Systems

    We use a variety of databases on our projects but we primarily operate on MS-SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, DB2 and Postgre SQL. Our database experts are capable of developing complex database applications that are necessary to simplify complex business models.

  • Hadoop & Hypertable

    Big Data scripts & custom projects

    Hadoop & Hypertable

    We have a specialized team that operate in Big Data projects and scripts. We exploit the limits of open source technologies of Hadoop and Hypertable. Our highly specialized scripts push the possibilities of small businesses around the world. Contact us for custom projects.

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